Local teacher, Nancy Isbell, has developed a timely lesson based on the art of James Hubbell. The purpose is to allow each student to be creative and produce a unique statement Hubbell style, planned, designed, and thoughtfully produced. Her focus was not to attempt to write about Mr. Hubbell or his work in detail but to use his work as a focal point for the study of selected art principles. For example, she adds that Hubbell's use of natural substances and materials is inspired by nature, wind, blowing grasses waving in the wind, ripples in the water. His lines suggest movement. He feels his architecture is sculpture people live in that should blend with nature rather than be apart. He even feels that a building or sculpture is like a living organism, growing from a seed, in essence taking on a life of its own.The finished product will be an original hand painted cloth, painted with a Hubbellesque abstract design.The painted cloths will become banners that will be part of a group display atthe Lakeside River Park dedication on May 3rd. “ strung together and suspended above in rows moving in the breeze. “ Nancy sees them as a group creating a whole.

Isbell Arts